Wednesday, March 12, 2008


If you have ever worked in a (clothing)shop, you might know that it makes you a shoppingmaniac. The last couple of days I have bought a black eco-sweater from Filippa K, a scarf from Wood Wood and finally these jewelerys from Fa Fa Fa, and I think more will come my way. I like!


Fenke said...

ohhh, i am really jealous of these rings! i cannot find them anywhere near here...

and yes, working in a shop makes you crazy about shopping.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i always felt like i ended up paying to work. because when the paycheck comes back, all the items that you were drooling over end up coming home with me..and the $ stays.
but i feel you. you've got good taste and that's hard to not buy for.

lilleez said...

i think if i ever worked i a shop-it would have to be so ultrasupercute that i will eventually buy everything in it! and if a customer came and wanted to buy something i liked i would think i would beat her with a stick! lol beware of phycoshopassistant!! ;)