Friday, November 30, 2007


I can not believe that this is my first KLF-flick! When I was a kid I did not think about if they were different from for instance Snap, allthough I thought the Chill out-album was a bit (ehem) special. However I did not love them any less.

Monsterhit coming up: KLF: 3 A.M Eternal


Ok. I do not normally do this, but since my attempt to buy this Jeremy Scott-tee/dress failed, I am now gonna get these Skyward items. Best part is they are half price at Seven New York compared to prices in Sweden. Do not know why they are priced so low.
I have been dreaming of these clothes since I first saw them in London in june.
This will be x-mas gifts to me from me!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


This long john must be the perfect sunday- or homewear. You know: staying indoors, watching your favourite movie or serie while it is cold outside and just relaxe.
Yes, me like! Should be in a big size so you can wear as a layer piece. If you accessorize it up you can wear it in public of course, but it might be best in warm weather.
Picture from


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


WKND is a brand from the people behind Cheap Monday and the Weekday-shops in Sweden, the same people also opened the much popular Monki-shops (and brand) that every girl seems to love.
But back to WKND. This is the new (and second) collection and it feels so spot on right now. I simply love the shapes, the material and the use of inserted pattern. I think it captures the best elements of todays look. I like!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The release date is near. Birthe Loves Fashion present to you: t-shirts!
The print will be designed and handprinted in Bergen and the first one is designed by the talented Rannveig Lohne.
This will be the first of a series t-shirts and the Birthe Loves Fashion-tees will be numbered and printed in a total of 25 of each design.
The t-shirt will be sold here at my blog and at Pepper.
Watch this place for more information.


Last week the live album Alive with Daft Punk was released. it features some of their best tracks mixed togehter and with added elements to make them even better.
The album was recorded at their perfomance at Bercy in Paris. I was lucky to see them at Wireless in London. One of this years absolut highlight for me! The best!


Ute Ploier released her menswear-collection in 2003, with lots of support from her mentor Raf Simons (you can tell by her design). She focuse on wearable and comfortable clothes and her designs features elements from different social standings.
I love these prints on the t-shirt and I guess we will see more of this in the future.
Pictures from


Monday, November 26, 2007


Maybe you remember I wrote about hair colors/extensions a couple of weeks ago?
Today I went to the hairdresser (Sunniva at Dada needed to try out a new cut and new colors) and I ended up with a slightly shorter hair (still saving though!) and red and purple highlighters. I like it, and it actually feels good with a little color (no extensions though).


I have always preffered clothes that you can actually wear instead of arty items made to make a good photoshoot (typically i-D cirka 2002). Lateley I have tend to go for the more arty look, but I guess after some years you want to see new things, clothes taken out of their environment and used in a different way then it was ment to. Innovative or creative clothes/items.
Anyway, I love that Bernhard Wilhelm made these ghost items for his spring summer 2004.
He kind of makes fun of the arty stuff and the whole clothes versus art versus what to wear versus is this clothes etc. These ghost-clothes puts me in a good mood!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007


She is stylish and she makes good music (in that order I think, allthough this is a great track and I love Time is now and Sing It back). I actually saw Moloko live at Quart in 96, back in the days, LOL!

Roisin Murphy: Let Me Know.


A couple of weeks ago I was asked to contribute on a blog feature in Flux Magazine.
Got the issue yesterday in the mail and I am so proud and happy! Unfortunately they do not sell the mag in Bergen (maybe norway?), but I have scanned it for you!
Click on images to view bigger.


Thursday, November 22, 2007


Er du klar for fest? Den Store Festen er den store 2.juledagsfesten heime i Ulsteinvik. Om du er i området rundt juletider så stikk innom, det blir supert!
Du kan også joine vår Facebook-gruppe her! (må vere logga inn).



Wednesday, November 21, 2007


You know the deal when it comes to fashion, everything goes in circles and one trend is a reaction to another. Therefore it is pure logic when the wide leg jeans arrives, best/worst part is that I think it looks fresh! I guess we all get tired of something after a while, allthough I still prefer slim jeans.
Pictures from Acne.


Sitting on one of my favourite cafés På Høyden yesterday, and suddenly I was the lucky owner of a dining table, four chairs and some more stuff from Ikea. It turned out to be part of their pop up thing, where they decorate a restaurant/café for some weeks (?) and suddenly takes it away again. And now I understand what this pop up thing is about! Thanks Ikea! Picture showing table + chairs.

Monday, November 19, 2007


MANDAG: Bukse fra Acne Jeans (Hug stay), genser fra Wood Wood, jakke fra Filippa K, sko fra Le Coq Sportif, 2nd hand-lue fra Citadium Paris, veske og topp under genser fra American Apparel.

MONDAY: Jeans from Acne (hug stay), sweater from Wood Wood, jacket from Filippa K, shoes from Le Coq Sportif, 2nd hand hat from Citaduim Paris, bag and top from American Apparel.

TIRSDAG: Bukse (Tube DC) og skjorte Acne Jeans, sko fra Tjallamalla og veske fra American Apparel.

TUESDAY: Jeans (Tube DC) and shirt from Acne Jeans, shoes from Tjallamalla and bag from American Apparel.

ONSDAG: Vintage-jakke (eBay), bluse fra loppemarked, skjørt fra Acne Jeans, strømpebukse fra American Apparel, støvletter og veske:Vintage / eBay

WEDNESDAY: Jacket, boots and bag: vintage from eBay, skirt from Acne Jeans and tights from American Apparel.

TORSDAG: Bukse fra Acne Jeans (Hug stay), bluse fra Soaked in Luxury, belte fra American Apparel og Keds-Sko i skinn.

THURSDAY: Jeans from Acne Jeans (Hug stay), blouse from Soaked in Luxury, belt from American Apparel and Keds-shoes (leather).

FREDAG: Sko fra Converse (Chuck Taylor), tunika fra Sessùn, Acne Jeans (Hug Blackness)
skjerf og veske fra American Apparel.

FRIDAY: Converse-shoes (Chuck Taylor), tunika from Sessùn, Acne Jeans (Hug blackness) and scarf and bag from American Apparel.

LØRDAG: Kjole, strømpebukse og belte fra American Apparel, sko fra Keds, jakke fra Acne Jeans, smykke fra Scenario, veske fra MNG, topp fra H&M.

SATURDAY: Dress, tights and belt from American Apparel, shoes from Keds, jacket from Acne Jeans, necklace form Scenario, bag from MNG and top from H&M.

SØNDAG: Jakke fra Cheap Monday, t-skjorte fra American Apparel, vest fra Filippa K, Acne Jeans (Tube DC), vintage-veske (eBay), sko fra Tjallamalla og hårbøyle fra H&M.

SUNDAY: Jacket from Cheap Monday, tee from American Apparel, vest from Filippa K, Acne Jeans (Tube DC), vintage-bag (eBay), shoes from Tjallamalla) and headband from H&M.