Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wearing white tee with hood from American Apparel, black oversized hood from Weekday (no label), pants from Wood Wood, bag from Bernhard Willhelm and Nike Air Max 94-shoes.


Dark City. Svenske Skyward er så på! Looken er mørk, skummel og by møter mennesket. At alt er i oversized og giga-size gjer det heilt perfekt i mi bok.

Dark City. Swedish Skyward is so on it! The look is dark, scary and city meets man. The shapes are oversized and gigantic-sized and makes it all just perfect.

Svart, svart, svart. Alt handlar om det mørke denne hausten. Glatte materialer som PVC, lakk og skinn er musts. Bilde frå Maison Martin Margiela/style.com

Black, black, black. It is all about dark this autumn. Shiny fabrics like PVC, lamé and leather are musts. Picture from Maison Martin Margiela/style.com

Det er på hovudet det skjer: hårband, skjerf, huer, hattar, capsar, hetter og så vidare.

Use your head: headband, scarfs, hats, caps, hoods and so on. Cory Kennedy

Dr. Martens passar perfekt til looken. Eg kjøpte desse bootsa for 3,5 år sidan og har venta på rette anledninga. I haust skal dei brukast.

Dr. Martens are the perfect shoes to go with the look. I bought these boots 3,5 years ago and I have been waiting for the right moment. This autumn they will be worn.

Monday, July 30, 2007


It is 13 degrees celsius in Bergen. Wearing leather chucks from Converse, pants from Wood Wood, oversized tee/dress from Cheap Monday, scarf bought in Turkey and jacket from Filippa K Man.


Cassetteplaya har åpna nettbutikk på sida si. Foreløpig tees med trykk, men er nok verdt å sjekke ut med jamne mellomrom.

Cassetteplaya has opened a webshop. Check it out here!


Ein av mine favoritt-designere går (som vanleg) sin eigen veg. Stikkord er boling, Miami, trange klede og kroppsbygging. Bole-buksa lenge leve!

One of my favourite-designer goes his own way (as usual). Keywords are anabole steriods, Miami, tight clothes and body building. Long live the steriod-pant! (do you have that other places?)


Ahh har vore deilig med ferie, to veker føles både langt og kort på same tid. Eg merkar at eg har savna bloggen, det har vore rart å ikkje poste ting kvar dag, samtidig har de vore bra med pause for då får ein tenke seg om og arbeide opp motivasjonen.
Håper dokke alle har hatt ein fin sommar, no skiftar iallefall eg over til haustmodus. Åhhh I love!

It has been good with a holiday, two weeks feels both long and short at the same time. I have been missing my blog, and it has been strange not to post every day, but it feels good with a little break and it makes me motivated to be a better blogger.
I hope you all had a great summer, now it is all about the autumn (at least for me) and I love it!

Some holiday photos for you: relaxing and raving in the sunset. From my homeplace Ulsteinvik on the west coast of Norway.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


The video for Let there be light is not out yet, but this unofficial one should do.
This is my summerhit 2007 number one! I love the energy, the power and the sound that is so fresh. They are playing at Øya in Oslo and I am so gonna be there.
Justice: Let there be light.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


The whole album Historie de Nelson is fantastic (and for instance Beck has sampled it on Sea Change, also a great album). Funnily he (and Jane Birkin) made videos to all the seven songs on the album, this is the video to my favourite song.
Serge Gainsbourg: Ballade de Melody Nelson.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Cato Canari is a friend (and relative!) of mine. He released the album Out of tune a couple of years ago.
The album is a mix of synth and pop with a hint of italo and disco.
Cato Canari: Baby.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


This must be one of the most underrated band ever. America is my favourite guitar/singer/songwriter band and I just love the sound. It is the sound of summer, beach, ocean and a great seventies California-feeling.
You should check out their Greatest Hits : I have listened to it a million times and I never get tired of it.
America: Ventura highway (live version).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The next days I will make a music-diary for all you readers!
My holiday ends on monday and I will then be back with loads of fashion stuff. I am really looking forward to all the autumn news and a darker look.
Until monday: musique!

Air is one of my all time favourites. I love all their albums, especially Talkie Walkie.
This is How Does it Make You Feel from the album 10000 Hz Legends. The video features supermodel Audrey Marnay. I love it!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Skrive på Sola-dialekt og engelsk.



Buksa fra Lee
Andrehånds-skjorta som eg hadde på meg ein gang eg slåss med ein bjørn. Derfor e armane reve av. Traileren e fra DAF, og slide i oppøvebakkane.



Jeans from Lee, seccond hand shirt (lost it's arms when I fought a bear/beer/beard). The truck is from DAF and is a real pancie when going uphill.


"Purple Heisan":

Ei herrligge buksa fra Cheap Monday, teskjorta fra cubus, hettegenser fra American Apparell, sko fra Victor & Rolf by H&M, og dongrikæpps fra Disneyland.


"Purple Hazelnut"

A jolly good pair of pants from Cheap Monday, tee from Cubus, hoodie from American Apparell, shoes from Victor & Rolf by H&M and denim cap (also known as the poor mans Arno-costume) from Disneyland.


"I fought the scarf, but the scarf wouldn't stop for the love of God."

Buksa fra Fuzzy/Clas Ohlson, teskjorta fra TopShop og skjerf fra helvete.
Lokta ikkje godt i det heila tatt.


"I fought the scarf, but the scarf wouldn't stop for the love of God." Jeans from Fuzzy, dyed lime-green with dye from Clas Ohlson, tee from Top-Shop, scarf from Hell. It smells really awfull in a pleasant way.



Den herrligga bokså fra Cheap Monday igjen. An e ikkje våde, det e bare det at eg e gjennomsiktige så du ser Ulrikken igjønå. Skonå e fra Victor & Rolf igjen, og ennå ei teskjorta fra Cubus. De rosa prikkane e fra Clas Ohlson, og kæppsen e andrehånds fra Rokit eller ka det hette.



Back in the jolly good ones from Cheap Monday. I'm transparent, not wet. Mount Ulrikken is in the background, and is a good place to experience a gondola-accident. Shoes from Victor & Rolf again, and the tee is from Cubus. Pink dots from Clas Ohlson. Seccond-head cap from Rokit or whatever it's called.


"Monochrome meets mickey mouse":

Bukså fra Lee, teskjortå fra H&M, cardigan'en e fra Upper 5th, kæppsen fra Disneyland og paraplyen fra Hotell Augustin.


"Monochrome meets mickey mouse":

Trusty jeans from Lee, leathal tee from H&M, cardigan from Upper 5th, cap from Disneyland and umbrella from Hotel Augustin.


"Rosa e IKKJE macho???"

Andrehåveskæpps, buksa fra Top Shop, eh.. hettevest eller ka eg ska kalla det fra H&M og teskjortå e ikkje ekta 4real, men fra Cubus. Trykket e et legendarisk skateboard design gjort av Jim Phillips for Santa Crus sin Rob Roskopp serie på slutten av åttitallet. Sokkane va de einaste eg hadde som va reine den dagen. Fra H&M de og tror eg.


"Pink is NOT a manly colour???"

Seccondhead cap, pink stretchy jeans from Top Shop, armless hoodie from H&M, tee from Cubus... the design however is by Jim Phillips, and is a legendary skateboard-design from Santa Cruz' Rob Roskopp series from the late eighties. My last pair of clean socks that day is from H&M.


"Ny verdensrekord i bakfull og... Flassball!!!:"

Barbie lagen fra ...tja, KID eller någe sånnt. Vetsje heilt. Uansett: Dette va antrekket mitt heile søndagen, men eg drømte masse. Blandt aent drømte eg at eg leda et flassball-lag med lettare tebageståande kjekkasar i sin beste alder. De hadde på seg någen herrligge draktar. Birtee (TM) og cutoffs på heile gjengen. Heldigvis hadde eg kamera med meg i drømmen og fekk tatt bilde av de. Trykk fra Clas Ohlson og farge fra Grønner Farvehandel. Sokkane e sånn heilt vanligge flassballsokkar og fins ikkje.


"New hangover world record and... Flassball!!!"

Barbie bedsheets from som cheap store, KID perhaps. I dunno. Anyway, that's what I wore all sunday, though I did however dream this and that. For instance I dreamt that I was coaching a team of geeks with minor brain dysfunctions, practicing the famous scandinavian sport "Flassball" (transl. Dandruff-ball). They were all beauts in their Birtees (TM) and cutoffs, and as luck would have it I had my camera with me in my dream. Print from Clas Ohlson, dye from Grønner Farvehandel, but the wonderfull flassball-socks are unfortunately not available in the real world.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Isabella Blow, known as a icon, one of the most important womans in fashion and muse to almost every designer, died earlier this summer, 48 years old.
She was fashion editor at Tatler Magazine and discovered talents like Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy, Sophie Dahl and Stella Tennant to name a few.

Read the great interview with Blow at Hint Magazine.


Stella McCartney


Miu Miu

Christian Dior

I love the look on these girls, and the shoes are quite radical (not my style, but funny and different).
Pictures from style.com


I wish I could put on eyeliner like this. Black is the new black.
Picture from style.com

Friday, July 13, 2007


It is time for a holiday! This means that I will blog less the next two weeks, but I guess there will be some action here.

Tonight I am playing records at the OPEN-club (togehter with several others) at Straedet, so if you are in Bergen: come and dance!


I am really sick of this song (even though it is great), but the video is fab and Lady Miss Kier was Jeremy Scotts very first muse ("absoluteley obsessed" as he said himself), and I really love the catsuit she is wearing.
Deelite: Groove is in the heart.


My holiday starts today and I am wearing Nike Air Max 180-shoes, tights from American Apparel, dress from Wood Wood, tee from Play Comme Des Garcons and bag from the shop SPRMRKT in Amsterdam.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I must admit that I was not in the best mood yesterday and it made me buy this Wood Wood hood that I have been wanting for some time. I love it! (and it kind of helped on my mood, LOL!).
Also wearing glitter tights from H&M and Nike Air Max 90.


This is the reason why I have been a bit lazy on the blog the last week. I have transformed the storage room filled with magazines, records, old clothes and crap into a walk in closet!
It demanded a lot of work including new paint on the walls and I must have carried hundreds of magazines to the storage room in the basement. But now I am so happy with the result and it is much easier to find and be in control of my clothes.
My clothes are to the right and my boyfriend has the left side.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Copenhagen must be the new fashion capital!

I think this is the shop manager at Wood Wood, but I am not sure... I love the jacket and notice the ethno-scarf!

Oversized, strong colours, animal-print and different colour on the shoes. Many trends in one outfit!

Pictures from facehunter.blogspot.com


It is time (again) to have a look at what autumn will bring us. It seems like there will be lots of grey (and sweatpants!).
This is Stella McCartney aw 07/08.
Pictures from style.com.


I seem to be one day behind. Yesterday I wore Nike Air Max 90-shoes, leggings with leopard print from H&M, skirt from Filippa K and tee from Martin Margiela.
Thank you Sjur for turning the pictures the right way!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Staying in, wearing comfy clothes (again). Hood and sweatpant from American Apparel, shoes from Adidas Oddity and shirt from Sparkjøp (it is an nurse-work-shirt).

Monday, July 9, 2007


Short shorts, colourful shoes and sandals, synthetic fabrics, parkas. These few pictures do not justify this genious collection. Raf Simons for president!