Thursday, December 13, 2007


No party, no champagne, no glory. Just hard work and the best t-shirt coming out of Bergen. The Birthe Loves Fashion Tee No.1 out now!
Designed by Rannveig Lohne and handprinted in Bergen, t-shirts are featuring black silkscreen on front and back. Limited edition of 25.
Printed on American Apparel t-shirts and available in sizes xl and xxl (shape=oversized), all t-shirts numbered 1-25. T-shirts can also be bought at Pepper in Bergen.

Price: 500 nok (approx 62 euros) + shipping.

To order please send a mail to, and I will get back to you!


Anonymous said...

Hva er kalkylen på disse skjortene? 50?

we love fashion said...

Nei langt i frå. Timesbetalinga nærmar seg vel null tenker eg. Handtrykt silketrykk er dyarere enn vanleg trykk. En american apparel tee uten trykk kostar forøvrig 200 kr i butikk. B:)

Fenke said...

They are great! Like the print very much and the fact, that they are oversized.

we love fashion said...

Fenke: Loving that you like the print and the shape! B:)

Morten said...

I like the print. Surely a more comprehensive design than my Original Festnett merchandise shirt. But than again that was an extremely limited print :-D