Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Just loving this photoshoot from my favourite mag Cover. But hey, are chuck taylors back already? I actually do not care that much, cause I think the shoes always looks fresh even though I have been tired of them for the last couple of years. This photoshoot looks like it is five years old, so it feels kind of illegal cause it breaks the 10 year rule of trend cirkles. Love the stockings as well, I bought some earlier this autumn and it fits in just perfect. I like!


Anonymous said...

the "10 year rule" ?
you are so silly, you write so sillysilly sillllllllly. idioteque idioteque idioteque

Svendsen said...

Hvem har sagt at det er en 10-årsregel? Gud? Skjønner du virkelig ikke at ALT går fortere nå? Markedet, også for mote, er eksplosivt, derfor er akkselerasjonen også høyere. Det burde en fashion-nerd forstå vel?