Monday, January 7, 2008


I am totally in a New York zone nowadays. Flight tickets and hotel booked yesterday. I am ready!
Came across these pictures of Patti Smith when reading about New York´s music scene in the 70s where Patti contributed as a musician, poet and groupie. Her look is so effortless cool, and the coverphoto for her debutalbum "Horses" taken at Chelsea Hotel by her friend Robert Mapplethorpe is iconic. Great inspiration, notice the ripped up jeans.


molly said...

great post;patti smith is great inspiration.she looks like she dont care,but that is just why she looks so great.

Anonymous said...

wow eg elskar patti smith. høyrde på ho mykje då eg var 13-16 år. ho er så utruleg kul

Angelyn said...

Hi! stumbled upon your blog today, think i will keep coming hehe

we love fashion said...

Molly: exactly my thoughts too!
NN: ja ho er cool!
Angelyn: Thank you, keep doing that!