Monday, February 4, 2008


The aw 08/09 Carin Wester collection made me think about Chanel and the supermodels in the 90s. Browsing through pictures from google makes me remember when I as a teenager and sat at home, looking through fashion mags and thinking about who I liked the most of them. Back then, it was more about the models (which you never could get enough of) than the clothes and the fashion. My favourite was always Linda (no last names when it comes to supermodels), allthough I liked Helena also.
Funny thing, lots of the pictures are very nude-ish, but as I wrote, it was all about the models.

It is impossible making a post about supermodels without the George Michael videos "Freedom 90" from 1990 (I think) and "Too funky" from 1992.

"Too Funky"


Lynn & Horst said...

you are absolutely right
i agree with you in all points
the 90s are a wonderful source for inspiration
and the jm videos you picked are for me the most iconic ever!

we love fashion said...

Hey Lynn&Horst: I agree with you too! I love the videos as well, also because it features the supermodels that I could not get enough of. B:)