Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ont that I hink must have inspired the young/old look must be Thom Browne. Known for his short and often rolled up pants, Thom swears to a tailored look both in private and for his brand.
How to work the look according to Thom:
Shoes: Heavy black leather wingtip shoes with no socks.
Socks: If you wear socks it has to be knee-highs.
Trousers: Must sit right at the top of the ankle and it must not break on to the shoe. my trousers are 2-3 inches shorter than normal with a turn-up as well.
Shirt: A white round-collared shirt, unironed.
Watch: Small and tight to the arm
Grey suit jacket: Timeless and rich.
Source: i-d Magazine

Seen in Copenhagen. Not sure if these are knee-highs (!) but colourful and pattern socks is a must.


Lynn & Horst said...

i love that style
but i'm so small
it looks stupid

we love fashion said...

I am sure you would look great, I think roll ups can be good on small people as well. B:)

Morten said...

I think I will be pioneering the knee-high socks + cut-off jeans shorts this summer! Someone has to lead the way...