Thursday, November 8, 2007


Hmmmm, where to start? For one, I did not have big expectations to the Roberto Cavalli + H&M-collection (way too glam for me), second, I thought it was worse than imagined. Almost not even funny, but somehow amazingly over the top and tacky.
Still I got this silk-scarf (not sure if I will keep it) and I will mismatch it with my lo fi tees and jeans (if I keep it).

I kind of had hope for this cardigan (for men) but it was too stiff and I did not like the quality or technique used for the thread. The rest? OMG! OMFG!
Having said that, I have not been fan of any of the designer/H&M-mash ups: Lagerfeld? Too grown up and mature. Stella? Very that week, not timeless at all (but still the best of the four) and Viktor&Rolf? Boooring.

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