Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I do not think that environmental friendly living or organic products are fashion. It is our duty to rethink how we treat our planet. It is not easy, but I think we all can do something, anything!
Check out this green guide from In Style and get started!


lizA said...

but, if you want to save the planet, why do you buy so many new clothes?

we love fashion said...

Well, that is my one weakness when it comes to environment , but I think it is important that you can be interested in fashion and still wanting to save the planet. For my I try to be consiouss about what clothes I buy: where are they from, who has produced them and how are they produced.
There are a lot of other stuff that I never buy (and I avoid the high street stuff), so I think my consume is quite balanced.

liza said...

yeah i understand. but i can see that you have a lot of 2ndhand clothes and thats great. btw u should read "save the world for a fiver", you can read about it at www.wearewhatwedo.org. it's a funny way to tell people about whats important. like: the art of reverse haggling

we love fashion said...

Thanks! I will def read it! B:)