Monday, November 26, 2007


I have always preffered clothes that you can actually wear instead of arty items made to make a good photoshoot (typically i-D cirka 2002). Lateley I have tend to go for the more arty look, but I guess after some years you want to see new things, clothes taken out of their environment and used in a different way then it was ment to. Innovative or creative clothes/items.
Anyway, I love that Bernhard Wilhelm made these ghost items for his spring summer 2004.
He kind of makes fun of the arty stuff and the whole clothes versus art versus what to wear versus is this clothes etc. These ghost-clothes puts me in a good mood!


Cyber puppy 007 said...

deprimert julatre -->

deprimert julatre said...

I completly forgot that! but yess, I gave Bernhard a tribute during halloween two years ago
- it was a hit!