Friday, November 9, 2007


First time I laid my eyes on this jacket was in august on my trip to Øya and Oslo. I was in love, but the price was too high for me.
A couple of weeks ago I tried it on again in Oslo, still in love, still too little money in my bank.
But then: on wednesday there was a packet in my mail, and it was for me! My boyf had got it for me as a x-mas present and he thought it was too long for me to wait till december to open (and wear) it. So now I have it, and I am so happy!
It has loveley details such as the buttons that are in different sizes, the oversized shape, the way you can wear it in different ways and the way it is sowed. Brilliant.
It feels like a jacket that a excentric woman would wear to an art exhibition in New York cirka 1985.
PS! It is from Martin Margiela´s MM6


Alisa said...

what a nice thing to do. it looks great!

Ingvild Telle said...

Shitalabama :)