Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Not sure what to think about the SS-08 craze about dyed hairextensions. First seen at Anna Sui, then at Rodarte and Marc by Marc Jacobs.
It is not that many years ago since I had purple extensions myself, but then again I have stopped saying never, cause after a while you suddenly think it is cool and somehow a fresh thing. I have stopped being shocked when trends are looping, and this is certainly another 90s trend coming back, but when Avril Lavigne has red extensions all over her newest video? I dunno.
What do you think?

Pictures from style.com


Anonymous said...

I probably shouldn't say so much about strange hair colours, he he, but by the look of the four pics that you have posted, I feel it's a big difference between the 1st girl and the rest: if the haircut is graphic and sharp, the look can still be really strong and cool.
Love, Tina H

we love fashion said...

Hey Tina! I agree, but I guess at this point I am more into all or nothing (full dye) rather than extensions, but this will maybe change. And yes, it depends a lot on the cut. B:)